Pumping Unit

APEX Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Units

The Apex Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Units are the largest crank balanced units in the world, delivering a revolutionary change to the standard philosophy of rod lift production.

APEX Conventional Pumping Units

Apex Conventional Pumping Units are a traditional artificial lift process, encompassing superb reliability, versatility, simplicity of operation and cost efficiency.

APEX Advanced Geometry Pumping Units

Apex Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit can lower the torque and power requirements versus the same designated conventional unit whilst producing more fluid per stroke.

APEX Beam Balanced Pumping

Smaller yet equally as strong as our other conventional units, the Apex Beam Balanced Pumping Unit is a time-proven design across the oil-patch.

Gear Reducer

All Apex gear reducers are complied with API 11 specifications in both design and manufacturing.