APEX Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Units

APEX Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Units

The APEX Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Units are the largest conventional crank balanced units in the world. For years, the oilfield has suffered from initial costly ESP operations for high fluid rates and later transitioning to low, end of life rod lift applications. APEX provides a brilliant solution to this age-old method of operation with a masterful integration of brilliant engineering designs. APEX Endurance provides an opportunity to fast-forward the rod lift application to earlier in the well life cycle, thereby skipping the additional investment in multiple ESPs.

Furthermore, the APEX Endurance is designed to produce more than the competitor’s tower-style units along with greater flexibility of operating speed and adjustable stroke lengths. These factors, combined with superior craftsmanship, have enabled the APEX Endurance to deliver a revolutionary change to the standard philosophy of rod lift production.


  • Largest conventional crank-balanced pumping unit ever produced in history, providing a new solution ideally suited for the entire life cycle of a well
  • Unique solution for high volume producing wells in both shallow and deep applications
  • Optimizes the advantages of fiberglass or carbon-fiber rod designs that traditional tower units do not work well with
  • Enables rod lift system to be deployed earlier in the well life cycle, thus avoiding expensive and troublesome ESP operation
  • Equipped with our unique patent pending SafTilt™ Horsehead that eliminates the horsehead removal during servicing which in turn reduces the operation down time
  • The lower operational cost yields greater return on investment
  • Benefit of being a conventional pumping unit exempts servicing crews from requiring special training beyond that of just working with larger equipment
  • Superior 2560D and 1824D gear reducer designs that are both robust and low maintenance
  • Highly efficient lubrication system ensures proper lubrication to the gears and pinions even at speeds slower than 1 spm
  • Standardized multi-jack bolt fasteners (SR nuts) on crank pins to achieve secure and torque-measurable connection
  • Wedge-lock washers ensure secure torque-stable fastener connections
  • Unique built-in Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) mechanism on brakes provides extra safety for on-site crews
  • Lifting features added on major components for user-friendly assembly and service


Rated Polished Rod Capacity (lbs)Stroke Length(in.)Rated Torque (in.)Crank Only ECB (lbs)Max ECB (lbs)
AC2560-500-32050,000320 276 234 1932,560,000-84530,891
AC1824-500-30050,000300 258 219 1811,824,00064234,553
AC1824-427-30042,700300 258 219 1811,824,000-28830,176
AC1824-365-30036,500300 258 219 1811,824,000-18230,282
AG2560-500-34050,000340 269 209 153 2,560,000306634,349
AG1824-500-30050,000300 238 185 1351,824,000594834,108

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