APEX Beam Balanced Pumping

APEX Beam Balanced Pumping

Smaller yet equally as strong as our other conventional units, the Apex Beam Balanced Pumping Unit is a time-proven design across the oil-patch. Adopting the same reliability and concept of safety, Apex successfully assists our customers in reducing operating cost on shallow well applications.

Apex offers sizes ranging from AB25 up to AB114 for our Beam Balanced Pumping Units with various load ratings and stroke lengths available.


  • Engineered to meet or exceed API 11E requirements in power transmission and structures.
  • Smart counterweight system designed for wider ECB coverage and micro increment of ECB adjustment, helping the end user to fine-tune the ECB output.
  • Adopted better structural material that beats the competition.
  • Quiet and highly efficient gear reducer design incorporating roller bearings and a symmetrical-load path.
  • Highly efficient lubrication system ensures proper lubrication to the gears and pinions even at speeds slower than 1 spm.
  • Bolt-oncrank arm design with integral crank pin sleeves for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Wedge-lock washers ensure secure torque-stable fastener connections.
  • Lifting features added on major components for user-friendly assembly and service.
  • Unique built-in Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) mechanism on brakes provides extra safety for on-site crews.
  • Ability to customize unit according to customer’s special requirements or specifications.


Rated Polished Rod Capacity (lbs)Stroke Length(in.)Rated Torque (in.) Crank Only ECB (lbs)Max ECB (lbs)
AB114-119-10011,900100 75 72 55114,0003119,804
AB80-119-6411,90064 54 49 4180,0005669,654
AB80-76-547,60054 45 41 3580,0003164,476
AB80-109-4810,90048 41 37 3280,0004147,530
AB80-109-4210,90042 35 32 2780,0004406,875
AB57-76-547,60054 45 41 3557,0003165,026
AB57-109-4810,90048 41 37 3257,0004147,630
AB50-89-548,90054 45 41 3550,0003016,737
AB50-89-488,90048 41 37 3250,0003256,746
AB40-76-487,60048 40 36 3140,0003805,215
AB40-89-428,90042 35 32 2740,0004396,348
AB25-67-306,70030 25 20 1625,0002444,685

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