APEX Advanced Geometry Pumping Units

APEX Advanced Geometry Pumping Units

Apex Advanced Geometry Pumping Units takes the attributes of an Apex conventional unit but with an improved alternative geometry that is designed to boost production and reduce operating expenses. The Apex Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit, under the right application, can lower the torque and power requirements versus the same designated conventional unit whilst producing more fluid per stroke.

Apex offers AG640 up to AG1280 with various structural load ratings and stroke lengths in this series. For larger AG units, please refer to APEX Endurance series.


  • Precise FEA calculated off-center setup to off-peak load/torque impact, maximizing the production and minimizing the power consumption
  • Engineered to meet or exceed API 11E requirements in power transmission and structures
  • Adopted better structural material that beats the competition
  • Quiet, smooth and highly efficient gear train possessing reliable longevity and low maintenance
  • Highly efficient lubrication system ensures proper lubrication to the gears and pinions even at speeds slower than 1 spm
  • Enabled a wider interchangeability for bearing assemblies based on existing market designs
  • Standardized multi-jack bolt fasteners (SR nuts) on crank pins to achieve secure and torque-measurable connection
  • Bolt-oncrank arm design with integral crank pin sleeves for easy installation and maintenance
  • Wedge-lock washers ensure secure torque-stable fastener connections
  • Lifting features added on major components for user-friendly assembly and service
  • Unique built-in Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) mechanism on brakes provides extra safety for on-site crews
  • Ability to customize unit according to customer’s special requirements or specifications


Rated Polished Rod Capacity (lbs)Stroke Length(in.)Rated Torque (in.) Crank Only ECB (lbs)Max ECB (lbs)
AG1280-427-24042,700240 200 1641,280,0003,37734,860
AG1280-365-24036,500240 200 1641,280,0003,37734,860
AG1280-427-21642,700216 179 1461,280,0004,69534,150
AG912-427-19242,700192 154 120912,0005,52232,168
AG912-365-19236,500192 154 120912,0005,55827,737
AG912-427-16842,700168 135 105912,0007,39230,042
AG912-365-16836,500168 135 105912,0007,39230,042
AG640-365-16836,500168 135 105640,0007,36727,190
AG640-365-14436,500144 116 90640,0009,37826,910
AG640-305-14430,500144 116 90640,0009,32323,865

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