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APEX’s philosophy of “Be the Best, Stay the Best” impels us to strive for perfection in every product and service we provide.

Our Products

APEX’s series consist of the Endurance Long Stroke Pumping Unit, Conventional Pumping Unit, Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit and Beam Balanced Pumping Unit.

With ultra-long stroke length up to 388 inches, Apex Ascend pumping unit provides unmatched productivity and is the safest tower-style unit operating in the field today.

APEX’s Mud Pump series consist of P-2200 Triplex Mud Pump and P-2400 Quintuplex Mud Pump, featuring high reliability, high performance and easy maintenance.

APEX Group provides users with efficient top drive products. The reliable performance is fully guaranteed by technological innovation, optimized support, refined manufacturing, reasonable design redundancy and strict quality inspection.

APEX Construction Machinery provides parts for excavator and loader, including excavator arm, excavator boom, upper and lower frame, bulldozer blade, bulldozer blade bridge, loader bridge and control bridge.

APEX metallurgical products cover the entire metallurgical production equipment, including complete set of equipment and key components used in iron-making, steel-making, continuous casting to steel rolling, hot rolling, cold rolling and more.

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APEX GROUP is a national high-tech enterprise with cutting-edge welding and precision machining capabilities. APEX fully integrates R & D, production, sales, and after-sales service in our operations. APEX has been qualified and attained ISO 9001, API-Q1, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, API-11E, API-7K, API-8C, API-7-1, ISO 3834, EN 1090 and ASME certifications. With outstanding design and manufacturing capabilities, APEX products have achieved excellent performance in product fields of Pumping Unit, Gear Reducer, Top Drive System, Mud Pump, Wind Power Equipment, Construction Machinery Equipment, Metallurgical Equipment and more.

Why Choose APEX


Professional engineering team with world-leading R&D capabilities to meet the special needs of customers,Proven R&D ability via many projects in different regions worldwide.


As a national high-tech enterprise with cutting-edge welding and precision machining capabilities, APEX is equipped with world class production and processing equipment.


APEX customer list comprises well-known entities like GE, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Sinopec, PDO, KOC, Takeuchi, KATO, IHI, Liebherr, SMS Group and such.


APEX has a dedicated professional packaging, transportation and installation team, providing after-sales services customized to each product’s unique requirements.

Who Choose APEX


Liebherr Team Visited Apex

Recently, President Chi and his team of Liebherr visited Apex. During the meeting, Apex fully demonstrated our machining strength as well as R&D and engineering capabilities. Both parties had in-depth…