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APEX places great emphsis on R&D to help improve the product’s value

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As a national high-tech enterprise, APEX understands that R&D is an essential pillar of its development. Since its establishment, APEX has placed great emphasis on development of R&D teams, and has built a highly educated, experienced, and innovative group. 70 % of APEX’s engineers possess graduate degrees or above. The teams cover structural design, mechanical analysis, transmission design, hydraulic design, and electrical design. CAD and CAE software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS, ADAMS, KISSsoft and EPLAN are used in the R&D daily work.

APEX R&D team strictly follows the system requirements and design process in the scope of product planning, project approval, R&D, process control, optimization management of process and tooling, numerous tests, and finalization to ensure the implementation and verification of the whole process design of products. Based on customers’ specific needs, APEX R&D team provides customers with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales support services including design schemes, product selection and on-site guidance to help improve the product’s value. The highly skilled and innovative R&D team forms the fundamental base for APEX’s product and service quality that stands apart from the competition.

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