P-2400 Quintuplex Mud Pump

P-2400 Quintuplex Mud Pump

Compared with other domestic counterparts, APEX’ P-2400 mud pump features the following:

Finite Element Analyzed Design

The mud pump housing is optimized by finite element design, improving structure and strength more reliable.

Strict Process Control

Semifinished high-pressure parts are inspected by UT, MT and other NDT, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of parts.

Easy Replacement for Cylinder Liner and Piston

Clamp connection is for intermediate rod, piston rod and cylinder liner, reliable connection, and easier connection than thread in cylinder liner replacement.

Easy Replacement for Valve and Valve Seat

L-type hydraulic cylinder arrangement allows individual operation of input cylinder valve and valve seat, which lead to convenient and faster replacement.

Large Discharge, High Pressure and Wide Application

Designed working pressure up to 52MPa with max discharge of 5212L/m, satisfying the requirements of land and offshore deep well drilling in high-pressure and large discharge mud pump for technology.

Even and Stable Flow, Small Pressure Fluctuation and Low Vibration

Five-cylinder pump cranks form 72 ° five flow sinusoidal curves. Flow superposition leads to even and stable flow, small pressure fluctuation and low vibration.

Compact Size for Convenient for Transportation

Optimized structural design make the pump body compact to satisfy requirements of road transportation.

Both Metric and Imperial Cylinder Liner Are Available

Both metric and imperial cylinder liner are available, satisfying requirements from customers at home and abroad.

Current P-2400 Quintuplex Mud Pum pofferings

P-2400 Mud Pump Parameters
Rated input power1790kW(2400HP)
Rated output power1611kW(2160HP)
Rated stroke120 SPM
Piston stroke length304.8mm(14”)
Gear ratio4.433
Rated speed of gear shaft532 SPM
Max. working pressure51.7MPa(7500PSI)
Hydraulic cylinder pressure77.55MPa(11250PSI)
Valve specificationAPI 7#
Max. Diameter of cylinder linerMetric 190mm/
Imperial 7.5”
Inlet pipe diameter305mm(12”)
Discharge pipe diameter104mm(4.09”)
Pump size5100×4300×2850mm
P-2400 Mud Pump Performance Ratings (Metric Cylinder Liner)
Cylinder liner diameter (mm)190180170160150140130120110100
Output pressure (MPa)14.31617.920.22326.430.635.942.751.7
SPMInput power (KW/HP)Output power(KW/HP)Output flow (liter/minute)
Output flow per stroke (L)43.238.634.730.726.923.520.117.414.412.1
P-2400 Mud Pump Performance Ratings (Imperial Cylinder Liner)
Cylinder liner diameter(in)7.576.565.554.54
Output pressure (PSI)21332449284033333967480059267500
SPMInput power(HP)Output power(HP)Output flow (gallon/minute)
Output flow per stroke (gallon)11.5108.

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