Metallurgical Equipment

Metallurgical Equipment

In order to meet the needs of diversified development, Apex Group expanded the business scope to metallurgical equipment in 2021.

APEX metallurgical products cover the entire field of metallurgical production equipment, including a complete set of equipment and key components used in iron-making, steel-making, continuous casting to steel rolling, hot rolling, cold rolling and strip steel finishing. The equipment has high requirements on precision and harsh working conditions, which testified the welding and machining capabilities of Apex Group.

As a leading enterprise in the metallurgical industry, SMS Group serves major steel mills at domestic and overseas. And Apex, as its supplier, meets the requirements of ISO3834 welding system and NDT III level, passed the supplier qualification audit in 2021, and successfully completed the delivery of the first batch of products in the same year.


Stator Housing


Wobbler Roll Side


Cartridge and Lever (assembled)

Lever (assembled)

Wobbler Roll Side (assembled)

Wobbler Roll Side (assembled)

Cooperation with SMS Group

  • The supplier qualification review started on May 6, 2021, and APEX Group passed the audit and became SMS’s certified supplier.
  • On October 19 2021, President Chen and his delegation from SMS Group visited and conducted in-depth communication on the technical and quality requirements of the project, marking that the cooperation between SMS and APEX has entered a new era.
  • On August 2, 2022, Mr. Lyu and Mr. Chen from SMS Group visited APEX Group for visiting its outstanding supplier, and encouraged APEX Group to become SMS’s strategic pivot supplier in North China.