Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery

APEX Construction Machinery provides parts for excavator and loader, including excavator arm, excavator boom, upper and lower frame, bulldozer blade, bulldozer blade bridge, loader bridge and control bridge.

Loader Parts
Bulldozer Blade
Lower Frame
Upper Frame
20T Arm
20T Boom
6T Arm
6T Boom

APEX Construction Machinery History

At the beginning of its establishment in 2017, APEX Construction Machinery provided products coating services for Takeuchi in Japan. With reliable quality and considerate services, APEX’s painting service was highly praised by customers, after which APEX Construction Machinery started to provide Takeuchi with full processing service from cutting to coating of structural parts.

With high quality products and the unremitting efforts, APEX Construction Machinery started to cooperate with KATO and IHI Japan in excavator arm and boom after 2019, and independently completed the development and achieve mass production of the upper frame, lower frame, bulldozer blade and bulldozer blade bridge without the guidance of Japanese experts.

In 2022, APEX established business relation with a well-known brand of excavators in South Korea, and successfully developed the first pieces of two models, which will be sent to South Korean customers for quality check.