APEX Ascend

APEX Ascend

Apex understands the customer’s need for longer stroke lengths to boost production. Yet, this need is often fraught with issues that plague such existing tower-style pumping units. Tackling these issues head on, the APEX Ascend Tower Pumping Unit is the culmination of years of experience, research, and world class engineering. Patented with several new design features and an enhanced safety philosophy, the Ascend coupled with our Apex IQ Automation system, that precisely monitor operation parameters, delivers on unparalleled production, longer service life and a safer working environment. Furthermore, APEX Ascend is the only tower unit in the industry which is equipped with an electro-magnetic auto braking system and electric rolling system; further increasing its safety factors whilst eliminating the use of less reliable hydraulic powered equipment systems found on others. Rest assured that the Ascend will reduce your cost of ownership, provide unmatched productivity and is the safest tower-style unit operating in the field today.

APEX Ascend Models: AA400-500-306/AA456-500-388


  • Ultra-long stroke length up to 388 inches, meets or exceeds production targets yet reduce rod/tubing wear in challenging wells.
  • Only tower unit design in the market that adopts ISO Spec chains, having shorter pitch that aims for a more stable, lower vibration and longer-lasting transmission.
  • Enlarged and reinforced platforms, adding more standing room to safeguard personnel working at elevated heights.
  • Embedded with 4 levels of lock-out/tag-out safety features for added security during installation and servicing.
  • The improved efficiency counterweight system is easier to load and unload, as well as reduces the risk of back or hand injuries.
  • Only tower unit design in the market that adopted a more dependable electro-released magnetically-engaged auto braking system vs. competitor’s single DC motor or hydraulic mechanism. The Ascend auto braking system has also been designed to be fully compatible with any existing automation system.
  • FEA-proved high loading capability and durability in structure and transmission.
  • Updated guide wheel system with vibration absorbing function to ease the impact and ensure the longevity of the counterweight system.
  • Roll Back Function achieved via motor and controlled by APEX IQ automation system, works as easy as flipping a switch. This seamless process is also safer and more efficient for site crews as it eliminates the need to set/disengage hydraulic cylinders multiple times just to roll back the unit.
  • Patented lubrication system precisely self-guides the lubricant to avoid “overflood condition” inside the tower.
  • For more information regarding Apex IQ, please contact APEX sales representatives.


Reducer Rating (in.-lb) 400,000456,000
Stroke Length (in.) 306388
Maximum Polished Rod (lb.) 50,00050,000
Maximum Strokes per Minute* (SPM) 4.33.5
Race Track avg. SPM 5.43.9
Peak Straight-Way SPM 5.964
Minimum SPM0.80.8
Counterweight Assembly (lb.) 8,79510,060
Auxiliary Counterweight (lb.) 27,09729,623
Total Counterweight (lb.) 35,89239,683
Load Belt Width (in.) 47.24447.244
Load Belt Length (in.) 421.457496
Load Belt Tensile Strength (PIW) 10,28510,285
Dimensions at Installation (L x W x H) (ft.)26.74 x 13.35 x 43.3132.46 x 12.95 x 51.69
Shipping Size (L x W x H) (ft.) 43.18 x 8.95 x 10.7650.84 x 11.23 x 9.11
Shipping Weight (lb.) excluding auxiliary CWT63,60370,454
Working Ambient Temperature**-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Automatic Braking System Electro-magneticElectro-magnetic
Rollback System ElectricElectric

*This is the Max when operating at a constant speed. The Max average speed can be increased by APEX IQ VFD.

** APEX Ascend is capable of running below the standard working ambient temperature listed above. For lower ambient working temperature application, please contact APEX local sales representative.